O Centro de Mobilização Missionária agora é Via

By God’s grace, 2022 was an amazing year for our staff and partners at CMM.  Over 80,000 people were exposed to God’s global mission, 65,000 people were developed through training and discipleship, and nearly 3,000 new missionaries were deployed by our staff and partners. We praise God for the lives he is changing through the CMM.

In order to build upon these blessings and to serve more effectively cross-culturally, we’re seeing a great need to simplify our organization and bring more clarity to our ministry. Part of this process is updating our name. This is not an easy decision for us, but it’s essential in order to best steward this ministry God has given us. Over the next few months, the Center for Mission Mobilization is becoming “Via.”

Why is changing our name important?

We’re following God into 50 countries where He has raised up at least one million Christians. In doing so, we must be sensitive to multiple cultures and their worldviews. This is a significant factor in what has led us to consider a name change.

Our name, Center for Mission Mobilization (CMM), carries some terms that pose challenges as we grow globally. The word “mission” is a red flag to many countries and “mobilization” is often viewed as a military term. Also, we seek to come alongside the global church with humility and meekness; there is value in placing less emphasis on words that would position us as the “Center.”

What does Via mean?

As you know, Via means “through another” or “by way of” and serves as a reminder that our focus is on advancing the gospel through the global body of Christ—through His church. It is not by our strength, but by the strength of God through the churches and ministries that He has placed on the doorstep of the least reached people of the world.

What about our sub-ministries?

An important factor in changing our name is to bring more clarity to our mission and ministry. Our desire is to eliminate any confusion surrounding how our sub-ministries—Support Raising Solutions, Weave, and Campus Ministry Today—relate to the CMM. To best steward this amazing ministry that God has given us, our sub-ministries are uniting under Via and will offer unique solution sets to those we serve.

Is our mission or vision changing?

We want you to know that a new name does not change our mission. We're simply moving from 10 syllables to two! Our name needs to be memorable and repeatable and Via does just that. Via brings all of our ministries together under our central mission: to mobilize the global church to send missionaries to the unreached.

What is the story of our brand mark?

The wave within our new Via brand mark represents a current of water, air, or the Holy Spirit moving from the nations to the nations. The current is moving freely through the other elements showing that nothing can stop the mission of God. Each element is cropped from the shape of a globe, symbolizing God’s world.

Thank you for your prayers and support which is helping the global church discover, develop, and deploy into God’s mission. And thank you for walking with us through these exciting times and essential transitions. We are eternally grateful for all you do to advance the gospel to the unreached and for all the ways you support our staff and ministry.

Learn more about Via at ViaNations.org!