THUMB Coloring Book

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THUMB Coloring Book

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Take your kids beyond the ordinary to the amazing spectrum of peoples and cultures in the world with the newly illustrated THUMB Coloring Book. Every fun drawing includes a caption with a cultural fact about each of 25 vibrant people groups in South America, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. Activities will engage kids ages 4-10 in learning about these unique groups and their need to hear the life-changing gospel message of Christ.

This coloring book is built on the THUMB acrostic – a fun, easy way to remember the major non-Christian belief systems found around the world. You can teach your kids to remember and pray for people with these beliefs by using this acrostic:

  • T is for Tribal
  • H is for Hindu
  • U is for Unreligious (or atheist)
  • M is for Muslim
  • B is for Buddhist

Includes important facts about other belief systems, focused prayer points, a world map indicating where each people group lives, and suggestions for using this book with your family or church class.

People groups represented: Tribal - Bhil, Esimbi, Hmong, Samburu, Yanomamo; Hindu – Bania, Dalit, Gujarati, Maratha, Rajput; Unreligious - Han, Japanese, Lao, North Korean, Subei; Muslim – Bedouin Arab, Fulani, Jambi, Madurese, Patna; Buddhist - Dai, Hmong, Khamba, Intha, Vietnamese.

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