THUMB Prayer Cards

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THUMB Prayer Cards

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More than just cards, this pack is a window into the lives of kids around the world!

Discover what they think is fun, exciting, and cool with these 25 colorful cards! People Group Cards give you a look at lives of kids in 22 different cultures. Activity Cards give you everything you need to paint tribal art, make an Indian snack, and meet and make friends with internationals in your own neighborhood.

This prayer card set is built on the THUMB acrostic - a fun, easy way to remember the major non-Christian religious beliefs found around the world. You can teach your kids to remember and pray for people in these religions by following this acrostic:

  • T is for Tribal
  • H is for Hindu
  • U is for Unreligious (or atheist)
  • M is for Muslim
  • B is for Buddhist

At the top of each card is a greeting from the people group - their way of saying hello. Then there's a belief statement with a matching prayer request.

Each card is 4 inches square. Set comes with a carabiner clip.

People groups represented: Tribal - Bhil, Esimbi, Navajo, Yanomamo; Hindu - Bania, Brahmin, Dalits, Rajput; Unreligious - Han, Japanese, Lao, Vietnamese; Muslim - Ansari, Fulani, Malay, Tajik, Tunisian Arabs; Buddhist - Dai, Khamba, Khmer, Mongolians, Shan.

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