Outside the Lines: Connecting Kids to God's Global Purpose

children mission lesson kit

Outside the Lines: Connecting Kids to God's Global Purpose

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Do you want your kids to know that there's more to this world than their friends and family? Do you want them to see that there's a huge world out there waiting to hear about the one man who died so that we could truly live? Children have a strategic role to play while they're still children! They don't have to wait to grow up before they can make an important contribution to God's kingdom.

Outside the Lines: Connecting Kids to God's Global Purpose helps kids see the world as God sees it and teaches them how they can take action. The resource presents a concise, biblical worldview; allowing kids to discover God's purpose and plan of salvation for all nations.

This comprehensive resource provides up to 26 weeks of curriculum through 13 dynamic lessons for kindergarten to eighth grade!

Each lesson focuses on a key theme:

  • Historical - a historical overview of Christianity
  • Cultural - exploring cultures and religions of the world
  • Strategic - ways kids can make a difference for God right now

The biblical theme, which runs through each lesson, helps kids see the Bible as one story! Designed to be flexible and adaptable, Outside the Lines: Connecting Kids to God's Global Purpose can be used as a 26-week classroom curriculum or a 12- to 15-week children's program during Perspectives on the World Christian Movement courses.

Included with this curriculum are more than 50 exciting multi-media presentations:

  • Exciting videos exploring other cultures and religions through a Christian perspective
  • Fun and engaging songs that help kids catch on to key concepts
  • Inspirational slide-show presentations that encourage creativity and discussion
  • Powerful animation clips that captivate kids' attention while opening their eyes to God's work

What you get in this kit:

  • Four CDs - one for each grade level: K-1, 2-3, 4-5, and 6-8. All the lessons and activities are printable from the CDs.
  • Two identical DVDs.

Why two identical DVDs? To give you the flexibility to have multiple classes covering the same material at the same time, without having to wait for the other class (or teacher) to finish with the DVD. And the content is staggered so that only two grade levels need the DVD on the same lesson. If you are from a large church and need one or more extra copies of the DVD for use in additional classrooms, please call Customer Service at 479-587-9599

Help your kids see God Outside the Lines!

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